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Community Service

Hong Kong Rehabilitation A&E Association Limited emphasizes on advocating social integration. Through organizing rehabilitation programs and activities, we target at gathering our service users and their family members together to support each other in terms of body, mind and spirit. We hope that our service users can see their rehabilitation paths and let them shine inside the community.


In the past years, we built up partnerships with different parties in holding volunteers programmes such as hospitals, schools, international NGOs etc. Through organizing these collaboration programmes, we aimed at letting our service users go hand in hand with volunteers in the community.


There is a small group of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. They also face work injury problems while they have limited information and knowledge on labour rights. Due to dialect difficulties, they do not know what and how to do after injury. Hong Kong Rehabilitation A&E Association Limited is willing to offer help and support to them. We will explain to them on labour legislation and the process in handling compensation claims after work injury. Our Ethnic Communities Officer will help in communicating with staffs from the Labour Department in order to break through their language barriers. Our goal is helping our service users to fight for a reasonable compensation.

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