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Application for borrowing and renting rehabilitation equipment

Please fill in the online application form or print out  the pdf version and send back to our association by self , fax , email or mail.


Target  : Person under rehabilitation

Borrowing fee : Free of charge within the borrowing period
(Deposit will be collected and given back upon the return of the rehabilitation equipment.)


Due to limited community resources, general emergency rehabilitation equipment is free of charge for a period of two months. If it is overdue, the rent will be collected on a monthly basis and deducted from the deposit. The whole borrowing and renting period is limited to eight months . Please refer to the appendix rent form. (Rehabilitation motor bed, electric wheelchair, electric crane, oxygen concentrator and high back chair are not included.)

Rehabilitation motor beds, electric wheelchairs, electric cranes, oxygen concentrator and high-back chairs are limited to three months free of charge. Those who are overdue are required to collect rent on a monthly basis. The whole borrowing and renting period is limited to nine months, but medical transfer letter is required and must be approved by the Society. In addition, Hong Kong Rehabilitation A&E Association Ltd only provides electric wheelchair equipment for borrowing, and the battery needs to be purchased by the user

Application form :                 Online Application Form              |                Download

Borrowing and Renting fee:                   Download






Rehabilitation equipment donation

We appreciate the donation of rehabilitation equipment  for recycling use such as wheelchair , bathroom wheelchair , nursing bed etc . After collecting the donated rehabilitation equipment , we will undergo the cleaning and maintenance process before lending out to other users.


Donator : Invididual / Organization

Time period for collecting donated rehabilitation equipment : Mon to Fri office hour

Donation form:                                    Online Donation Form               |               Download



Rehabilitation Products Donation

Donation form:                     Online Donation Form                                  Download 





Rehabilitation Products Re-Donation

Thanks to the donation of rehabilitation products such as adult diapers, milk powder, nutritional products etc.  by the enthusiastic people in the community, our Association hope to re-donate the products to those rehabilitants with financial difficulties.  If you need the mentioned products, please contact our social worker for further details.




Tel   :  2388 9915

Fax  :  2388 9916

Email :

Address : B3 , G/F Cronin Garden , 188 Pratas Street , Sham Shui Po , Kln

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